"My 8 year-old son is on the Autism spectrum with a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. Last school year, it was extremely difficult for him to do journaling. After having him on Laminine for a few months, his teacher shared with me that some days she has to take his journal away from him to move onto a different subject as he is so into it and cannot stop writing!" -Teri


The human body has amazing potential to heal, regenerate, and repair. Health is built at the cellular level, we are as healthy as our cells. At the age of 21 years old, our bodies start making worse and worse copies of our cells and undifferentiated stem cells become dormant. We will age slow or fast based on our lifestyle, diet, and stress. If we have a stressful, fast-paced lifestyle in combination with a nutrient-depleted diet, we will most likely age quickly. If, however, we pursue avenues of relieving stress or eat a nutrient-rich diet, we can slow down the process of aging and age well. Our goal at The Green Umbrella is to not only help our clients age well but to reverse symptoms that have come from premature aging. Given the proper nutrients and lifestyle changes, our bodies can reverse symptoms that have come from aging and retain vitality and youthfulness.

"I went into a deep depression upon hearing bad news from the doctor. For months, I spiraled downward emotionally, physically, and mentally to the point where getting hit by a bus and dying had become a positive thought. I decided to try Laminine and by week 3, I said 'Oh my God, I don't feel depressed!'" -Jennifer


Laminine is food. It is a whole food supplement derived from eggs, fish, and peas. There are no other ingredients. Simple, yet powerful. Don't underestimate its ability to aid the body in the healing process.

Dr. John Davidson originally used the embryo of the fertilized hen egg in order to treat terminally ill cancer patients in Canada in the 1930's. These images show Dr. John Davidson's patient before and after treatment for a neck tumor.

Highlights of how Laminine builds health in the body:

Laminine contains the same building blocks for life that a woman has when she is pregnant. A pregnant woman produces a protein called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). FGF signals to the stem cells to build healthy tissue, which builds health organs, which builds a healthy baby in the womb. When the baby is born, the FGF continues to direct and act as an "architect of life," building the life of the child until it is about 21 years of age.

When we reach the age of 21, we deplete the stores of FGF and the hypothalamus and pituitary take over in regulating the functions in the body. This is when we start aging. We make worse and worse copies of our cells and we age fast or slow depending on our lifestyle and diet.

With Laminine, we have the opportunity to reintroduce this powerful protein combination with Fibroblast Growth Factor and all the essential and non-essential amino acids. Once reintroduced, the body utilizes the FGF to rebuild and repair vital organs by stimulating dormant stem cells to heal and repair. Wow! What a great opportunity to pursue health and youthfulness with Laminine!

"My blood pressure was 129/85 and after two months on Laminine, my blood pressure is now 114/78. I have tried many avenues of helping my blood pressure and this is the first one that has worked." -Alletta

How to Buy Laminine

Lifepharm Global is a reputable health company with its origins in Norway. Lifepharm Global brought Laminine to America in 2011. I am an independent distributor with Lifepharm Global. To order Laminine from me, and you're based in the United States, click here. If you're based in Canada, click here. Don't forget to setup monthly recurring shipments.

What are you waiting for?

"Laminine has helped me tremendously. In April, I started having my period and it did not stop after four months. I was about to have ablation surgery in order to stop my cycle. I decided to try Laminine first. I have taken Laminine for a couple of months and my period stopped and my cycle has regulated back to 4 days only! I was able to avoid surgery and now my hormones are balanced again!" -Alyssa

Keys to Anti-Aging