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Starting a business is tough. This is why the majority of businesses close within the first few years. Add in starting a clinical practice as a holistic practitioner and you have the Mount Everest of business.

People who sign up to scale Mount Everest usually hire someone who has been there done that and who have survived.

I am here to announce that I have scaled the Mount Everest of business and clinical practice as a holistic practitioner and the view is amazing! Join me!

In the beginning stages, I went through many seasons of discouragement, disillusionment, and even despair. I remember vividly a season where I became very passive with my business. I lost a lot of confidence after presenting to a big crowd at a chiropractor's office and not executing the meeting well. After the meeting, I had only one new client sign up to work with me.

This experience demotivated me and stole all my creative energy as I thought through what I could have done differently.

I felt like my business was beyond repair. The death of my dear friend after a long battle of cancer shook me out of my pity party. A new and different wave of grieving overtook my heart. This grieving seemed more productive and woke me up to the desperate need in our culture for true healing.

I woke up to a renewed purpose of helping people who have no hope. I started working with more complicated cases and my business evolved into something new and something I was able to fully engage my mind, heart, and passion to creating.

After finding great success with difficult cases of autism, cancer, and autoimmune conditions, my passions directed towards training others to find a pathway to success as a holistic practitioner.

In The Green Umbrella Professional Training Course, we explore subconscious doubts and fears that sabotage your efforts as a practitioner. We guide you in building a strong, confident internal prototype to set yourself up for success as you step by step implement your external prototype of your business.
Things that I hear from holistic practitioners and their businesses:

"When I started Meg's program, I realized this was the missing link between finishing NTP and beginning work in this amazing field. Meg's encouragement, her warmth, her generosity, have all helped me move from not knowing how I would do this business, to being full of excitement about all my new ideas. Meg's success in her own practice and her unique perspective on how to truly help clients succeed in their healing, makes her a perfect mentor!" - Natalie Rosenlund, NTP practitioner in Washington State

"I am not a salesperson, I don't like sales and wish I could do everything but the marketing and sales piece."

"I don't have any money to put into my business, I don't think I can make it work."

"I am overwhelmed by all the symptoms of my clients."

"I don't know how to get clients."

"I don't have the confidence to work with clients who have diagnosed diseases."

What you will get from the program:
What will you learn?
Benefits of working with The Green Umbrella
Meet Your Instructor: Megan Van Zyl

My name is Megan Van Zyl and I am excited to bring your through this journey of self-discovery, healing, and development as a holistic practitioner! I received my Masters' degree from Vanderbilt University in Human Development Counseling and began a career addressing healing from the realm of the soul. I worked with drug addicts, juvenile delinquents, children with autism, and more. I later was ordained as a pastoral minister and counselor and began to incorporate a spiritual and soul full perspective on healing. Years later, I found the NTA and became a Nutritional Therapist full-time in 2010. I love combining all my passions of healing into one to see synergistically how my clients heal when addressing the necessary physical, spiritual, and emotional components.

I became passionate about helping those who did not have hope or who were given no hope in the Western Medical world. After watching 3 friends die from cancer, I wanted to bring hope in chronic and critical situations. I love seeing things happen in the lives of my clients that were never "supposed to happen" and I love seeing complicated cases unravel and become simple as healing progresses. I truly believe that we are wired to heal in every way possible and that it doesn't need to be complicated or overwhelming.

I started The Green Umbrella Professional Training Program in 2014 as I saw a huge need to support other NTP's and holistic practitioners who have a passion to impact our culture and to see people heal. I want to see other practitioners become confident, proactive, healthy, and happy with their business and their impact!

Testimonials from trainees in the course:

"Before working with Meg, I struggled with confidence and assurance in building a clinical practice and actually charging clients to help them. Throughout the training program, Meg has invested a significant amount of her time helping me to establish a clinical practice that I am excited and confident to pursue!" (Rebecka Hagen, NTP in Minnesota)

"Beyond starting a business, Megan Van Zyl's knowledge is helping me combat my own cancer diagnosis, helping me to defeat it once and for all so I can pay it forward to others. Thanks Meg!"" (Dan Malecha, Holistic Practitioner in Minnesota)

"My experience with The Green Umbrella has been nothing but eye opening and amazing! Meg has a way of coaching that allows you to be compassionate about what you do and also have a strong business mind. Personally, I have been feeling the best I have felt in years and have also learned to understand what my obstacles are and how to best conquer these obstacles in my own health and the health of my clients." (Linda Vang, holistic practitioner in Minnesota)


Module 1: Building a Strength-Based Practice Do you want to stop comparing yourself to other holistic practitioners? Focusing on your own strengths and your own gifting can help you avoid the trap of comparison and jealousy that happens commonly in our field. Also, this module focuses on helping you find the business flow that will attract clients to your practice!

Module 2: Rescript to Build Your Mental Prototype The deeper that we think about our business, the more we will express our deepest values and most valuable strengths in our sessions with clients. In this module, we explore personal and business identities with the goal of establishing the proper short-term and long-term business models that express us!

Module 3: Think and Growth Rich Many Practitioners only focus on one or two streams of income and struggle financially. This Module is helping to expand your mindset to diversify your streams of income and set your business up for financial success.

Module 4: Health at the cellular level As a holistic practitioner, is it easy to feel overwhelmed when a client comes with a diagnosis that you are not familiar with; however, learning to simplify your thinking by understanding health at the cellular level will help to increase your confidence tremendously.

Module 5: The Gut and Brain Connection Your clients gut has a mind of its own, literally! In this module, we explore the enteric nervous system and how it connects to the neurological condition of your client.

Module 6: Epigenetics Epigenetics means upon the gene. Your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs daily affect the expression of health protective DNA and mutated DNA which can lead to disease expression even in a healthy, nutrient-dense environment.

Module 7: The Modern Day Diseases What is cancer? Why are so many people diagnosed with cancer in our culture? This module focuses on dispelling the fear and myths surrounding cancer so that we can understand and educate our clients.

Module 8: Cancer Protocols Effective protocols and strategies for cancer are given throughout this module.

Module 9: Modern Day Diseases How does autoimmune disease develop in the body? How is autoimmune disease related to cancer? Effective protocols and strategies for dealing with autoimmune disease are given throughout this module.

Module 10: Business Strategies and Final Launch Proven business strategies and how to position yourself in the market for success. Final launch to success in your business!

Question and Answer section:
1. I'm confused, is this a business course or a clinical course? What should I expect?

"The Green Umbrella Professional Training Course exceeded my expectations both professionally and personally. Megan is an NTP mentoring guru with high standards for her work, whether humanitarian or professional. During our one-on-one sessions, Megan answered my business and clinical questions, which gave me the keys to unlock the potential that was in me. I now practice with confidence because my systems are in order and my clinical skills refined" - Audrey Gould

Great question- both! This is a class to help you execute well professionally and clinically. Half of the course content is helping you to develop your passions and desires for your business into a long-term and short-term plan. The business course helps you to overcome obstacles, mind-sets, emotions, and lack of finances to come up with a strategy that you can work to be successful financially. The second half of the course is to help you understand at a deeper level how dysfunction develops in the body. We will explore leaky gut syndrome, autism, the enteric nervous system, health at the cellular level, the immune system and autoimmune conditions, and cancer. The Green Umbrella is committed to helping holistic practitioners thrive both financially and clinically!

2. I hear you talking about working with clients who have been diagnosed with cancer. I am not interested in working with clients who have cancer. Will I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely! This is not a course just for practitioners who want to help clients with cancer. This is one of my biggest passions, but it does not have to be yours for you to benefit from the class. Cancer is one type of client that we explore, but we will also look at successful protocols for autism (not GAPS), autoimmune diseases, thyroid conditions, digestive disorders, Hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, and much more! You will come away with many new protocols for many conditions and a clinical toolbox that will help you be successful with most types of clients!

3. I'm not an NTP or a nutritionist - can I still take the class?

Yes! Absolutely!

While this class was specifically created with an NTP in mind, most of the course materials can be applied to many other health and wellness business owners (i.e., Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Health Coach, and so on).

Please email me at to tell me more about what your business is about and I will be able to let you know if the course will be the right fit for you!

4. Do you have a payment program?

Yes. You can pay monthly or in 2 payments.

5. What is your refund policy?

Many practitioners have been successful in applying the knowledge and wisdom from my course and I am confident that it will not be any different for you. You will get everything out of this course that you put into it and if you do the work and apply the knowledge towards your business and clients, I believe that you will not be disappointed. We currently do not offer any refunds. I hold the same policy in my clinical practice as I do in my training program. This course has taken me years to develop because it comes out of all of my work to build my practice and my business. The course is already priced much lower than the value and hours that I have put into creating it.

6. Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

At this point, we don't offer scholarships or discounts. I know it is difficult to decide where to invest your money in order to see your business grow and expand. But, I am confident that you will more than earn your money back that you invest in this course. You are investing in yourself, in personal growth, and in knowledge that will expand your capacity to see clinical success and financial success. We have seen and heard many powerful testimonials of business, personal, and professional transformation of those who have graduated from The Green Umbrella's Course. We would expect the same for you!

7. Can I get CEUs for this class?

Yes. At this point, the Nutritional Therapy Association grants 28 credits for The Green Umbrella Professional Training Program. This means that it will complete your 2-year requirement for 24 credit hours if you complete the entire program.

If you are not an NTP or NTC and would like to get CEUs, I would be able to give you information to bring to your accrediting institution to find out if they approve The Green Umbrella as a course to give you continuing education hours.

8. There are so many different continuing education courses available for holistic practitioners, what makes The Green Umbrella different?

There are many things that make The Green Umbrella different:
9. I don't want to have a clinical practice, will I still benefit from this course?

Absolutely! There have been many graduates of The Green Umbrella Professional Training Course who have not gone on to have a clinical practice. However, they have experienced personal transformation, clarity on their life vision, and a deeper understanding of how to pursue health in a truly holistic manner. Contact me for more information to see if this mentorship opportunity is the right fit for you.