Getting Started
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Free consultation

Contact me for a free 20 minute phone consultation where we will review your health history and health goals! We will both decide if Nutritional Therapy would be the right fit for your health needs.

Set up initial hour and a half consultation

In order to find an individualized health plan for your needs, we will test your body through a functional evaluation; zinc taste test, mineral tests, fatty acid test, and lingual neural testing.

Follow up dietary analysis (2-3 weeks after initial consultation)

Fill out a five-day food journal and an online nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ) to give to your Nutritional Therapist. Through the food journals, the NAQ, and the initial interview, Meg will develop an individualized plan including diet and whole food supplements.

Follow up appointments to monitor and track progress

Decide on follow-up plan. Decide on meeting either once a month or twice a month for three months, six months, or a year. Each follow up plan will depend on health goals and needs. We will meet until you are satisfied with the level of health that you attain through Nutritional Therapy.
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