Our world is full of toxins, chemicals, and pollutants that have negative consequences not only on our environment, but also on our bodies. The Green Umbrella exists to provide refuge for your body from the onslaught of toxins. Come out of the storm and find refuge for your health under the Green Umbrella!

Philosophy at The Green Umbrella

My training as a Human Development Counselor and later as an ordained minister has given me a truly holistic perspective on the health of an individual. I believe that every individual has unique road blocks to attaining health that I desire to help uncover and restore.


Your concept of health. What does it mean to be healthy? How does one attain to optimal health and wellness?

Most people think that they are healthy if they do not have disease or are not bedridden. Is someone wealthy because they are not bankrupt? In the same way, health is built upon an investment of time, energy, and understanding of what it truly means to be full of health.


The Green Umbrella rebuilds health and wellness in every area of your life.


Why do I lack mental clarity? Why do I get brain fogs and have a difficult time remembering things?


Why am I always tired? Why doesn't my body sustain me in the pursuit of my life goals?


Why do I always want sugar? Why do I always feel like eating when I am in a state of emotional duress?


Why am I not satisfied? Why do my relationships and career leave me empty, restless, and searching for more?

At The Green Umbrella, we rebuild health taking into consideration the individual needs of every client: mind, body, soul, and spirit.


At The Green Umbrella, we desire to reawaken dreams that have been dormant in your hearts for years. Whether it has been lack of energy, clarity of mind, or lack of relational support, at The Green Umbrella we want to support you as your pursue your life goals and dreams.