Weight Loss

Some clients may feel the need to start with weight loss in their desire to get healthy. Initially, we will follow a specific diet and supplement plan for six weeks to help the body release stores of fat.

Human Growth Hormone (Hgh) and Diet

The combination of this diet and supplements can lead to great results in weight loss ventures. After the initial weight loss plan, the journey to long term health goals and weight maintenance can begin through other Nutritional Therapy services.

"The weight loss program was amazing at giving me immediate results; there was nothing better to help keep my spirits up than seeing the scale drop daily. After only 3 weeks, I was down 18 pounds and feeling better than I had in a long time. I was craving healthy food and became EXCITED about exercising and my energy spiked to an all-time high without the aid of sugar/caffeine (AMAZING!)" - Coley

"I was researching the interplay of hormones and endocrine function when I discovered this weight loss protocol. It was an accident. My first test client was trying to find a way to lose weight before her wedding. She had tried everything on the market for weight loss with no success. I put her on the diet and supplement plan and in 18 days, she lost 21 pounds! I had some weight to lose, so I jumped right into the weight loss plan that was developing right before my eyes. In 7-8 weeks, I had lost 61 pounds and felt great! Beyond that, I had an abundance of energy during the weight loss plan and have kept the weight off." - Dr. Greg Peterson

Keys to long term weight loss maintenance

In order to keep extra weight off, Nutritional Therapy helps with maintenance by working with your body to obtain optimal levels of health in digestion, adrenals, thyroid, blood sugar, and liver.